Don't get too close, it's dark inside

Hey everyone! I'm a crazy 21 year old girl from Belgium
As you can see on my blog, I'm a fan from many different stuff :) And with 'many' I mainly mean Kpop, Supernatural and Teen Wolf xD
My favorite Kpop groups are DBSK, Big Bang, Shinhwa, Shinee, Super Junior, fx and 2NE1. I love many more artists, but I listen to those the most ^^
For Supernatural, I just looooove Jensen, Jared and Misha!!! Those guys are amazing :) I'm a big Destiel and Sabriel fan too (no surprise if you look at my blog xD) so if you want lots of them on your dashboard, don't hold back to follow me ^^
Same goes for Teen Wolf. Those guys are crazy and I love all of them so much! Big Sterek and Scisaac shipper, love the Dethan moments!!
Much love to all of you who check out my account and/or follow me~ <3